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About Us!

Our Company

Welcome to Study Remit global services.
We provide educational service support to international students through solutions that meet the fiduciary requirements for entry and enrollment in study abroad and exchange programs. Based on the experience of working with hundreds ofstudents, we have learned of first-hand challenges withcross-border remittance for international students;payment of application fees, tuition deposits, housingdeposits, insurance and pre-arrival (fixed/blocked)deposit accounts.

Our Mission

We are a reputable, well recognised intermediary for international students seeking access to study abroad and understand the challenges of our customers, their needs and are constantly working with them to make their lives easier and our product better.
Our mission is to ensure that:
*We provide adequate financial support services to international students in the destination country.
*We provide assistancew with pre-arrival bank account/e-wallet setup, access to insurance and health coverage in the destination country.
*We provide remittance platform for international students to make application fees, tuition and housing deposit remittances in their local currency.